Paul Seward Paul.Seward at bristol.ac.uk
Wed Jan 27 09:44:37 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I'm experimenting with RPZ on a reasonably high volume resolver.  I've got
the following response-policy block defined:

response-policy {
    zone "local-whitelist.rpz" policy PASSTHRU;
    zone "local-blacklist.rpz" policy CNAME rpz-target.bris.ac.uk.;

This is working fine.  Domains listed in the local-whitelist.rpz zone
continue to resolve, and domains listed in the local-blacklist.rpz zone are
CNAMEd to rpz-target.bris.ac.uk as expected.

I'd like to be able to log hits to the blacklist (so that we can analyse
the logs to identify clients that might need remedial action) so I enabled
the following logging config:

channel rpz_log {
  file "/var/log/named/rpz.log" versions 10 size 20m;
  severity info;
  print-time yes;
  print-category yes;
  print-severity yes;
category rpz { rpz_log; };

However, that's a little over-chatty for my liking as it's logging every
hit to the whitelist, and on a busy resolver with lots of clients resolving
our local domain - the log volume is just too excessive!

As far as I can tell PASSTHRU is logged at the same severity level as other
policy types, but my bind logging fu is weak as I don't have to change the
logging config very often!

If I want to cut down the log volume to just the events I'm interested in,
is it possible to get bind to *not* log PASSTHRU hits?

Or is the only option for me to log RPZ hits via syslog and then get
rsyslog to drop the messages I'm not interested in?


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