Resolving issue on specific domain

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Dig domainname -> Server failed
Dig domainname ServerIP -> Server failed
Dig domainame localhost -> Resolving properly

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On 15.07.16 12:05, Daniel Dawalibi wrote:
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>I already did it as per below output of resolv.conf but problem persists.

do you want to say, even if you run "dig domainname" without @localhost, the
dig sends query to ?

># Generated by NetworkManager

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>On 12.07.16 17:13, Daniel Dawalibi wrote:
>>We are facing a weird issue while resolving a specific domain name 
>>from our authoritative DNS server running on BIND 9.10.4-P1
>>Server has only one public IP address.
>>If you try to resolve the domain using either dig or nslookup you will 
>>not get any result whereas if you specify @localhost you will get the 
>>#dig @localhost soa domainname
>>#dig soa domainname
>>;; SERVER:
>as you can see, in the latter example it's not the localhost 
>( but
> that gives you answer. That means, does not 
>know the "domainname"
>you must add localhost to resolv.conf as first nameserver to get 
>answers from it by default.
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