Query on the Order in which RR are answered by Bind of Order/preference are Same

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Mon Jul 18 14:11:47 UTC 2016

On 18.07.16 13:59, Harshith Mulky wrote:
>I had a query on how the following Records can be ordered on how the Records are configured in the Zone file
>I have done 2 different Tests
>I have configured following records in the Zone file e164enum.net with TTL value as 0
> IN NAPTR 100 10 "u" "E2U+sip" "!^.*$!sip:7895673454 at ATLANTA.COM;user=phone!" .
> IN NAPTR 100 10 "u" "E2U+sip" "!^.*$!sip:7895673453 at ATLANTA.COM;user=phone!" .

>Since I did not want the Answers to be toggled in each susbsequent digs, and I wanted the Answers to be in the same Order they were configured in the Zone file(since the Order and Preference of both these records were same), I enabled this line in the options field of named.conf
>rrset-order {order fixed;};
>and restarted named
>I ran the dig query again
>This time, the Answers did not toggle, but I found that, the second configured RR was being Answered as first always sip:7895673453 at ATLANTA.COM
>Why is Bind answering the Second RR as first and not my original First RR as 1st Answer?

the order provided applies only for your bind instance - any other
nameserver can change the order.

why don't you use higher order if you want to have them in order?

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