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Thanks for all the comments. 


One more thing I can control it through rate limit or block whole but the
same thing happened to another network will be problem ?? 


See the packet capture from the network device the outgoing traffic passing
from 0 port instead of 53.  Why is that any clue.  I mean bind application
should not all other port instead 53??




Gi0/2    Gi0/1  11 0000 0000

Gi0/2    Gi0/1  11 0000 0000

Gi0/2    Gi0/1 11 0000 0000

Gi0/2    Gi0/1 11 0000 0000

Gi0/2    Gi0/1 11 0000 0000

Gi0/2    Gi0/1 11 0000 0000


Thanks in advance for your support. 




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Ejaz < <mailto:mejaz at cyberia.net.sa> mejaz at cyberia.net.sa> wrote:


> I am not using iptable  firewall from my redhat Linux box,  all 

> traffic manged by network team..


Well then, you should co-operate with them to fix the problem.


You might find that it helps to put the following in the options{} section
of named.conf, but I'm not sure if it will be effective against a TCP flood


                blackhole {; };




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