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In message <alpine.DEB.2.11.1607261404120.25696 at grey.csi.cam.ac.uk>, Tony Finch writes:
> S Carr <sjcarr at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > You might want to check whether the requests are legitimate before
> > completely blocking them, rate limiting would be a better option.
> Remember this is TCP traffic.
> RRL is designed to deal with spoofed UDP traffic. It can actually make
> non-spoofed floods worse, because RRL pushes UDP traffic to TCP, and TCP
> is very easy to saturate.
> You might find it helps to avoid truncated responses, e.g. by turning on
> the minimal-responses option. (See also minimal-any in BIND 9.11)

We need to go back to basics.  What question is being ask and is
there a sensible response being returned?  Recursive servers don't
keep asking questions over and over for no reason and this sounds
like that is happening.

> Tony.
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