getting not authoritative with some notifies - Solved

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Sat Jul 30 19:40:17 UTC 2016

>On 2016-07-29 08:21, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
>>On 28.07.16 12:13, Paul A wrote:
>>>Now what is everyone using to make sure the zones in named.conf 
>>>are still
>>>pointing to your NS servers? I have a lot of stale DNS zones I want to
>>separate authoritative and recursive servers.
>>bill for having zones in DNS.
>>or simply wait till customers complain and tell them they should tell you
>>when tthey migrated their zones off.

On 30.07.16 12:36, Dave Warren wrote:
>At what point will a customer complain when they switch authoritative 
>servers if the old ones are still online,

I haven't said that the non-auth servers have to keep old zones

> whether serving current 
>data, out of date data

this is what TTL is for. the same behaviour applies to zones all other

> or the zone eventually expires?

that can't happen on master servers

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