Ability to limit memory usage for zones on an authoritative server.

MURTARI, JOHN jm5903 at att.com
Thu Jun 2 21:28:38 UTC 2016

                From some lab testing it appears the answer to the above question is NO.... but hope springs eternal!

                We'd like to limit RAM usage by BIND (9.9.8/RHEL) on some authoritative test servers.  A  load of configured zones would require over 10 Gig of RAM, but the boxes only have 4 Gig.   We actually query only a few zones for testing (response time is not an issue) and didn't want to do the work of changing some standard zone lists and data we use.

                Hoped we could set max-cache-size to something like "1000M" and the server would load zones up to that limit in RAM.  If it got a query for another zone, it would bounce an "older" zone out of RAM and load the zone needed for the query.  Eventually the cache would stabilize.  It appears max-cache-size is just a resolver setting and BIND always expects enough memory to load all cofigured zones to RAM.

                On a larger test server I even tried setting "datasize 1000M" - and that didn't seem to have any effect.  BIND started fine and grew to about 10 Gig.  Didn't expect that.

                Appreciate anyone aware of a config setting that would limit usage.
                Many thanks!

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