Reverse Name Resolution Zone File

Ron Wingfield Ron.Wingfield at
Mon Jun 13 22:34:34 UTC 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen:

At the risk of double posting . . .yet again (sending this time in plain 
text format), I'm reposting this question -- apparently my previous 
membership was purged or otherwise not valid.

Regardless, after about eight months with no problems, AT&T U-verse has 
once again quit resolving? my reverse DNS; and now I can no longer send 
eMail to DNS-aware MTA's, such as,,, 
et al.  I have tried tweaking my zone file as follows but nothing seems 
to work.  I think they (AT&T) have done something . . .yet again, to 
block my DNS server (authority?).  Regarding my zone file configuration 
follows.  Can someone tell me if the configuration is erred, and 
otherwise suggest corrections, or should I expect it to work? . . .and 
pressure AT&T to fix the problem.


(Comment lines represent variant tests.)

    $ORIGIN 80/
    ; $ORIGIN
    $TTL 3h

    @       IN   SOA (
                               2016061306    ; Serial
                                     1h      ; Refresh
                                     1h      ; Retry
                                     1h      ; Expire
                                     1h )    ; Negative cashing TTL

                     3600    IN   NS
                     3600    IN   NS

    ;80             3600    IN   PTR
    ;81             3600    IN   PTR
    81              3600    IN   PTR
    ;82             3600    IN   PTR /; //(an
    alternate ser//ver)/
    ;87             3600    IN   PTR

Ron Wingfield,
CEO WaterMark Marine Industries, Inc.

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