writeable file 'domain.com': already in use

Ray Bellis ray at isc.org
Thu Jun 16 08:03:51 UTC 2016

On 16/06/2016 07:53, Daniel Dawalibi wrote:

> We are upgrading our DNS authoritative BIND version 9.10.4-P1 but we are
> facing “writing errors” on the slave zone files that are transferred
> from other Master DNS servers.
> Our configuration consists of two views  (local and inter) and the
> domain is configured in both views sections.
> The problem was solved after removing the zone from one VIEW but is
> there any workaround for this issue without removing the zone from the
> view section (either Local or Inter)?

BIND 9.10.4 doesn't allow you to use the same filename for the same zone
in different views (since the content should be different).

Simply change the "file" directive in one of the views and you should be


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