Issues resolving

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Thu Jun 16 12:07:56 UTC 2016

On 16/06/16 13:01, Daniel Stirnimann wrote:
>> (This was as part of "proving" that various O365 issues were client
>> side, not network-triggered)
> If a resolver cannot resolve why should this be a
> client side issue? Or do you mean the resolver is the client for
> upstream queries?

I'm talking about completely unrelated client-side issues e.g. the 
Outlook client just hanging for no readily apparently reason. These were 
being blamed on "the network". As part of a long series of diagnostics, 
I put this DNS monitoring in and left it running.

However, as it happens I *have* seen clients fail to resolve the name, 
despite making a DNS query and being sent a reply by the server; IIRC it 
was a machine with VirtualBox installed which just "broke". So you can 
have client-side resolver issues in rare cases ;o)

> Our resolvers for the Swiss NRENs log about 10 SERVFAILs for this domain
> name each day. This is on BIND 9.9.9-P1 and BIND 9.11.0a3

Interesting. I wonder what the difference is?

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