disable ipv6 source query

Hillary Nelson nelsonhillary8 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 01:21:54 UTC 2016

We are moving our v6 DNS from F5 to anycast, since F5 can translate address
from v6 to v4, our backend servers are still only v4 and we never have
problem to resolve hostname with v4 only.

Now for anycast, I want to enable v6 with private address only, but seems
like named favors v6 and using it to source query other nameserver, it will
try v4 if v6 fails, like this(I've configured source-query-v6 address  ::1
so v6 always fails):

21:04:33.303536 IP6 ::1.34892 > 2001:dcd:1::7.53: 33940% [1au] A?
example.com. (48)
21:04:34.146521 IP > 55501% [1au] A? example.com.

My question is how to config named to only using v4 address to query other
nameserver, but still keep an listening v6 address?

Thanks in advance!!
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