DNSSEC validation failures for www.hrsa.gov

Timothe Litt litt at acm.org
Sat Jun 25 12:38:01 UTC 2016

On 24-Jun-16 22:13, Jay Ford wrote:
> On Sat, 25 Jun 2016, Mark Andrews wrote:
>> The servers for webfarm.dr.hrsa.gov are not EDNS and DNSSEC compliant.
>> They are returning FORMERR to queries with EDNS options.  Unknown
>> EDNS options are supposed to be ignored (RFC 6891).
>> You can workaround this with a server clause to disable sending the
>> cookie option with a server clause.
>> server <address> { request-sit no; };    // 9.10.x
>> server <address> { send-cookie no; };    // 9.11.x
> That did it, at least for now.
>> Now one could argue that FORMERR is legal under RFC 2671 (the initial
>> EDNS specification) as no options were defined and to use a option
>> you need to bump the EDNS version but the servers don't do EDNS
>> version negotiation either as they return FORMERR to a EDNS version 1
>> query rather than BADVERS.  They also incorrectly copy back unknown
>> EDNS flags.
>> Whether this is the cause of your issue I don't know but it won't be
>> helping.
> The HRSA folks claim that their "site is fine".  In hopes of
> disabusing them of that notion I'll have our folks who have to try to
> use the HRSA site pass along the trouble report.
> Thanks for the diagnosis & work-around.  Excellent as always & crazy
> fast, too!
> ________________________________________________________________________
> Jay Ford, Network Engineering Group, Information Technology Services
> University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242
> email: jay-ford at uiowa.edu, phone: 319-335-5555

FWIW, dnsfp identifies the DNS servers as:

fingerprint (, Unlogic Eagle DNS 1.0 -- 1.0.1 [New Rules]  

If this is correct, the project website for Eagle DNS would appear to
be: http://www.unlogic.se/projects/eagledns

It seems a rather odd choice for a .gov (US Health and Human Services)
owned domain...though one never knows what IT outsourcing will produce :-)

Timothe Litt
ACM Distinguished Engineer
This communication may not represent the ACM or my employer's views,
if any, on the matters discussed. 

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