BIND 9.11.0b1 is now available

Michael McNally mcnally at
Wed Jun 29 03:05:24 UTC 2016

BIND 9.11.0b1, the first beta release of the BIND 9.11 branch, is now
available for download from the ISC website (at

BIND 9.11 brings many changes to BIND, including a new license
(the Mozilla Public License 2.0 -- you can read about it here:
and many new features, including:

-  Catalog zones, a new way to provision zones on slave servers
-  dyndb api, a fast new api enabling BIND to serve zones stored
   in a database (Developed by Petr Spacek of RedHat)
-  RNDC showzone, view-only mode and other improvements
-  dnstap query and response logging (Robert Edmonds is the author
   of dnstap, see
-  EDNS Client-subnet (authoritative server functions)
-  DNSSEC key manager, a new utility (Thanks to Sebastián Castro
   for helping with development.)
-  Automatic CDS/CDSKEY generation
-  Negative Trust Anchors for DNSSEC validators
-  IPv6 bias to encourage use of IPv6 DNS servers
-  Minimal response to “any” queries (Thanks to Tony Finch for
   the contribution)
-  DNS Cookies are now enabled by default, using the standardized code point

Contributions and testing from our users during the beta period are an
important part of BIND's development cycle so please, if you are
interested in helping us improve BIND, give the beta version a try and
send us your feedback so that we can ensure that 9.11 is the best BIND
ever.  Should you find an issue you wish to report, information on how
to submit a bug report can be found at

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