Multiple A records and reverse DNS

Tony Finch dot at
Thu Mar 17 14:17:13 UTC 2016

Thomas Schulz <schulz at> wrote:

> We are switching service providers and I understand that many email SPAM
> prevention systems insist on the reverse DNS matching the forward DNS.
> If I have two A records for our mail server and the reverse record matches
> one of them, will that be good enough. Or will the fact that the other A
> record does not match cause trouble.

I would suggest setting up a separate name with matching forward and
reverse DNS for each IP address. The existing name can be an alias
pointing at both addresses. For example have a look at the setup for which is our central mail relay. (The name is a relic from
the days of the JANET coloured book protocols and a grivously hacked fork
of MMDF.)

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