Can bind be configured to not drop RR's from the cache when the upstream DNS server is unresponsive

Barry Margolin barmar at
Sun Mar 20 02:03:51 UTC 2016

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 Dave Warren <davew at> wrote:

> My current logic is that I do a SOA query and check the serial number, 
> if it has changed, I query every needed hostname into a temp file, and 
> if every single query was successful, check the SOA again, and if it 
> still matches, update the /etc/hosts. If anything goes wrong (including 
> a mismatch between the SOA), dump the temp file and try again.

That's feasible if you can reconfigure all the client machines to do 
this. It's not very scalable if you have a network of machines running 
different operating systems, and you'd like to have your central 
resolver take care of all the caching.

Barry Margolin
Arlington, MA

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