Regarding compiling BIND 9.10.3-p4 on a SystemD Distro

Tony Finch dot at
Wed Mar 23 10:54:32 UTC 2016

Sean Son <linuxmailinglistsemail at> wrote:
> I recently compiled and installed BIND 9.10.3-p4 from source on a system
> running CentOS 7. This is for practice purposes. Ive been searching all of
> the net and I cannot find the answer to this one question of mine: How do I
> create the systemd service unit configuration file for the named.service?

There's a sample unit file in the chroot setup instructions at

(It looks a bit half-baked to me since it doesn't seem to have any way to
signal systemd that named has finished starting, but it's probably OK for
practice purposes.)

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