Reducing memory usage by using db storage - performance?

MURTARI, JOHN jm5903 at
Thu Mar 24 11:27:57 UTC 2016

                Recently been looking at servers that host almost 200K ARPA zones and load  about 80 million resource records.  They run on good hardware and take only a few minutes to load the zones on a clean start.   The issue is memory utilization of about 23 Gig in RAM.
                It seems a terrible waste of memory and a good portion of those zones probably rarely see queries.

                I've got extensive experience with mySQL and postgres, but always assumed you'd really take a latency hit.  Plus, we'd be adding more complexity by running a DB server.  The current DNS servers are located in separate data centers - it seems we'd have to also run a master/slave DB setup, with a slave DB server at each site to avoid network overhead.  This all sounds very slow and more complicated.

                Anyone with experience solving this type of issue?
                Many thanks!

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