Configuring different TTLs in multiple RRs for the same domain name, TYPE, and CLASS

Ben Bridges bbridges at
Thu Mar 24 14:47:58 UTC 2016


Is it possible in BIND to configure multiple resource records for the same domain name, TYPE, and CLASS with different TTL values?  For example:     300        IN           TXT        "Test 300"     400        IN           TXT        "Test 400"     500        IN           TXT        "Test 500"     600        IN           TXT        "Test 600"     700        IN           TXT        "Test 700"

I tried it, and BIND set the TTL for all five records to 300 (or more specifically, the TTL of the first one of the RRs in the file).  I looked for a BIND directive in the manual to change this behavior but could find no obvious candidate.


Ben Bridges
Springfield, MO

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