Regarding compiling BIND 9.10.3-p4 on a SystemD Distro

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The RedHat/CentOS version starts with an upstream version from ISC.   At the time they first get it they optimize to fit within the other packages they’ve setup on the specific major release (e.g. RHEL5 had BIND 9.3.6,  RHEL7 has BIND 9.9.4).   After that they put their own extended versioning on the package (e.g. RHEL5 might have bind-9.3.6-25.P1.el5_11.5 and RHEL7 might have bind-9.9.4-18.el7_1.1.x86_64 – everything after the dash is the extended versioning) .  Through the life of the major release they will never change base upstream version but will update their extended versioning as they back port security and bug fixes into the base they used.   They may also add enhancements from upstream but aren’t required to do so.

They MAY offer a “technology preview” of a later upstream version that they’ve created but aren’t required to do so.    (i.e. They’ll continue to provide fixes to the original base but may also provide packages for a newer upstream that one can download and use – I’ve seen them do this exactly once for the BIND version on RHEL5.)

RedHat lifecycle is quite long (RHEL5 had full support for 10 years) but eventually all good things come to an end and in last phase support (as RHEL5 is currently in) they may not do updates.  (e.g. They’ve already announced they won’t update openssl in RHEL5 to add TLSv1.1 and higher support as they see that as a “feature” rather than a “bug”)

Also as an FYI in addition to the BIND they offer specialty packages such as BIND-CHROOT that lets you run your software in a chroot’ed environment.

You can get the source RPMs from RHEL as well to change compile options for anything you’d like that they may not have chosen in their compile.

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Thank you for the replies everyone. Are there any major differences between the BIND package that Red Hat/CentOS provides vs the BIND package provided by the ISC website?


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