non-BDB support for DLZ in Bind9?

Evan Hunt each at
Fri Mar 25 22:48:20 UTC 2016

> Right.  I was just referring to the *docs*, which afaict are still the most complete, conceptually re: DLZ anyway
> IIUC (?), I'm correctly invoking with at
> 	./configure ...
> 	--with-dlz-postgres=no \
> 	--with-dlz-mysql=no \
> 	--with-dlz-bdb=/usr/local/dlz-bdb \
> 	--with-dlz-filesystem=yes \
> 	--with-dlz-ldap=no \
> 	--with-dlz-odbc=no \
> 	--with-dlz-stub=yes \
> 	--with-dlopen=yes

To use the runtime-linkable modules, all you need is "configure".
(The "--with-dlopen" part is enabled by default already, and the
others are unnecessary.)

Then "cd contrib/dlz/modules/bdbhpt" (or whichever one you want to use),
and run "make".  The resulting .so file needs to be put somewhere that
named can find it.  There's a sample configuration in the "testing"
subdirectory that you can use for guidance.

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