Nsupdate usage scenario

Paul Kosinski prk at iment.com
Mon May 2 18:53:33 UTC 2016

I was trying to use nsupdate to automatically update a single A record
in our domain to its latest dynamic, but public, IP address. Although it
did indeed rewrite the zone file to reflect the new IP address, it also
rearranged all the entries in the file into seemingly random order
(maybe sorted by hash value, tree-walk order, or even named's internal
table address?).

Except for this single dynamic IP address, the zone file is maintained
by hand with a text editor, so rearranging it into an arbitrary order
would make hand maintenance much more difficult.

If there is a way to have nsupdate preserve the original order of the
zone file -- simply modifying the one A record "in place" and updating
the serial number -- that would be nice. If not I guess I will have to
continue using the little Perl script I wrote to do just that.


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