also-notify and nsupdate doesnt work

Darcy Kevin (FCA) kevin.darcy at
Mon May 2 20:41:54 UTC 2016

Apologies if this has already been asked, but are you sending these NOTIFYs from a master which is _not_ in the "masters" clause of the nameserver which is receiving it? That's precisely the use case for "allow-notify"...

									- Kevin

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 > There's nothing in this part of the configuration that links key usage to  > the zone.

sure. the * is.
and the update works great.
the serial counts up,
the update is taken,
the slave is motified and updated.

the only thing is, that the "also-notify" servers get no notify.
(if i do an rndc update on a hidden slave, the transfer is taken correct.).


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