Multiple SERVFAIL/REFUSED unexpected RCODE

Mark Andrews marka at
Tue May 3 11:30:00 UTC 2016

In message < at>, Mi
k J writes:
> Hello,
> In my named.log I can see a lot of SERVFAIL/REFUSED unexpected RCODE
> messages. Most of the time someone tries to resolve a PTR
> I can see an average of 10 messages per second like these
> May  3 10:46:26 dns named[7228]: REFUSED unexpected RCODE resolving
> '': 203.113.131.x#53
> May  3 10:46:26 dns named[7228]: SERVFAIL unexpected RCODE resolving
> '': 193.0.9.x#53
> The PTR records don't belong to me and the remote DNS servers are located
> around the world.
> Does anyone has an understanding of why I receive these type of requests
> ? Why do they query my DNS servers ?
> Thank you

Something on your network is trying to convert 116.00.204.x and
88.165.16.x addresses to names, presumably because they are seeing
traffic from those addresses.  In both cases there appears to be
broken delegations involved.

REFUSED usually means that the server is not configured for the

SERVFAIL usually means that the server is configured for the zone
but doesn't have a current copy.

You could use whois to try to contact the administrators of these
zones to correct the servers or remove the delegations.

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