Forward record for WWW

Cuttler, Brian R. (HEALTH) brian.cuttler at
Thu May 5 16:06:06 UTC 2016

Forgive me, while the records are fully live on my internal servers, I configured the change for my external test server only (, which is _probably_ available for external query) but not on the master.

We had issues years ago, and implemented a server parallel to the master to vet changes on, so if we lost a zone or crashed the server we could find that out without taking out the actual master.

I did check the log files for my test server, there were no errors, the zone file seemed to reload without error and even noted the update in the soa serial number.

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> > External record in the zone file is actually 300 IN A
> >
> None of the three name servers for serve this A record.
> It seems the master was *not* reloaded. Did you check its BIND logs to
> see? May be the new zone with the A record at the apex was rejected for
> some reason.

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