NOTAUTH errors in a hidden Master with two Slaves setup

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Fri May 6 23:32:19 UTC 2016

Hello Mark,

Sorry for this :(
I was thinking thats a rule on the list since everyone does this on the list. Sorry again.

But you’re right. It was a typo. The find & replace command does not modified the typo to<>. You can see it on my original message on the slaves named.conf.

Thank you.

On May 6, 2016, at 8:26 PM, Mark Andrews <marka at<mailto:marka at>> wrote:

Stop with this "<>" garbage.  IT DOES NOT HELP.  You almost
certainly have a typo which we can't see because you have obscured


In message <992DBAD5-E450-4F29-8122-3AC537E91D6C at<mailto:992DBAD5-E450-4F29-8122-3AC537E91D6C at>>, =?utf-8?B?Vmluw61jaXVzIEZlcnLDo2
8=?= writes:
Hello guys,

Im probably missing something on my named.conf but Im moving a zone to
our DNS servers but were unable to do this correctly since our slaves are
refusing to get the zone file from the hidden master DNS.

On the both slaves (ns1 and ns2) the following is logged:
May  6 19:56:36 darkshire named49323: transfer of'<'><'> from failed while
receiving responses: NOTAUTH.
May  6 16:37:53 ruttheran named40061: transfer of'<'><'> from failed while
receiving responses: NOTAUTH.

And on the master the following is logged:
May  6 19:56:36 exodar named5562: client bad zone
transfer request:':<':><':>
non-authoritative zone (NOTAUTH)

On the master server Im running: BIND 9.8.4-rpz2+rl005.12-P1 on Debian
Linux and the slaves are on FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE with BIND 9.10.3.

Master Configuration:
zone "<><>" {
type master;
file "/var/lib/bind/";
notify yes;
allow-transfer { intnameservers; };
allow-update { key "DHCP_UPDATER"; };

Slaves Configuration:
zone "<><>" {
type slave;
file "/usr/local/etc/namedb/slave/<><>";
masters {; };
notify no;

Thanks in advance,

PS: AXFR is working as expected when issuing dig AXFR<><> @

Mark Andrews, ISC
1 Seymour St., Dundas Valley, NSW 2117, Australia
PHONE: +61 2 9871 4742                 INTERNET: marka at<mailto:marka at>

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