playing with 9.10.3/Keyper+ and ECDSA

Vincent Levigneron vincent.levigneron at
Mon May 9 11:44:28 UTC 2016


I was wondering if some of you have already did some experiments with
9.10.3 and the AEP Keyper+ (openssl-1.01l patched) in order to create
ECDSA keys and sign zone. I was surprised I was able without issues to
create key objectss in the HSM with command :

> pkcs11-keygen -a ECDSAP256SHA256 -p **** -l TESTECC1

but when I try to create keys from this key objects, I have an
unexpected message:

> dnssec-keyfromlabel -a ECDSAP256SHA256 -l TESTECC1 -E pkcs11 test 
dnssec-keyfromlabel: fatal: failed to get key test/ECDSAP256SHA256: algorithm is unsupported

It is strange it is supported by pkcs11-keygen but not by
dnssec-keyfromlabel. This is the only algorithm with that kind of

This is my first test with ECDSA, am I missing something ??? If I don't
use the Keyper+, I can create ECDSA keys and sign zones with that keys,
strange isn't it ?



	Vincent Levigneron  A.F.N.I.C.  Vincent.Levigneron at

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