BIND 9.11 / edns-client-subnet

bert hubert bert.hubert at
Mon May 9 19:24:37 UTC 2016

On Mon, May 09, 2016 at 05:24:50PM +0200, Nico CARTRON wrote:
> > Perhaps you should tell us how it works for you, what your testing has 
> > found, and contribute to the development of great open source software? 
> well, I am just starting the tests now, so cannot tell - yet :)
> I will definitely report once I have progressed, but in the meantime, any feedback from others would be appreciated.

Let me comment on my snark a bit before I promise to no longer pollute this
technical list with such remarks.  Any appliance vendor is a net loss of
revenue and reputation for the open source world unless you contribute back.
It does not sustain our software otherwise.

And in fact, by branding BIND (which is a magnificent collection of DNS
functionality, which you ship) as "the most common victim" of security
issues, you are hurting open source. [1] Your non-public sales stories are

Given that, I found it a bit rich for you (from a non-company email
address!) to ask the community that supplies you with free software to give
you some free testing too.  

It would be great to see some testing from you perhaps. For example, how DID
you achieve 27 million queries/second? 

> BTW Bert, does PowerDNS support it? ;)
> I saw ( that’s it’s on git master, does that mean it’s publicly available?

Yes - see my off list reply.

	(will resume lurking here)


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