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Tue May 17 00:36:06 UTC 2016

In message <D35FC27D.52E31%alan at>, Alan Clegg writes:
> On 5/16/16, 6:30 PM, "Mark Andrews" <marka at> wrote:
> >Ideally every machine should be registering its own PTR record in
> >the DNS and addresses without machines shouldn't have PTR records.
> >The only reason ISP did this is that they were too lazy to manage
> >PTR records for their customers.
> And because no ISP wants "" to show up in their DNS.
> Same fight, different address space.

Which almost no one would ever see.  If they were really worried
about this ISP's would have raised enough noise to prevent registries

If they do get then the ISP really should be
thinking about why one of their customers thinks they suck so badly
that they are willing to name their machines with

Additionally is unlikely to make it into logs as
most logging software actually does a forward checks which would
fail leaving just the raw IP address to be logged.  Additionally
it would also tend to restrict access to sites which care about PTR
records existing as they do check the forward name to see a address
matches with the PTR record.

In reality this is just a lame excuse to not do the right thing
which doesn't stand up to scruntiny.


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