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Tue May 17 20:35:38 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I have a problem with DNSSEC and I dont find a solution. Maybe someone can help me.

My intention is to run a bind which acts as DNSSEC enabled resolver for my internal LAN. This runs on a VirtualBox instance with OpenBSD 5.9. I got a precompiled package from OpenBSD, version is 9.10.3-P3.

Configuring my named, I mostly followed a howto from

This is my named.conf:

root at bsd59n:/var/named/etc# egrep -v '^ *#|^ *$|^\/\/' named.conf
acl clients {;;
options {
        version "";     // remove this to allow version queries
        listen-on    {;; };
        listen-on-v6 { none; };
        empty-zones-enable yes;
        allow-query { clients; };
        allow-recursion { clients; };
        allow-transfer { none; };
        include "/etc/root_trusted_key";
        dnssec-enable yes;
        dnssec-validation yes;
logging {
        category lame-servers { null; };
zone "." {
        type hint;
        file "etc/root.hint";
zone "localhost" {
        type master;
        file "standard/localhost";
        allow-transfer { localhost; };
zone "" {
        type master;
        file "standard/loopback";
        allow-transfer { localhost; };

As my named is running in a chroot jail, /etc/root_trusted_key is /var/named/etc/root_trusted_key in reality.

root at bsd59n:/var/named/etc# root_trusted_key
managed-keys {
   "." initial-key 257 3 8 "AwEAAagAIKlVZrpC6Ia7gEzahOR+9W29euxhJhVVLOyQbSEW0O8gcCjF FVQUTf6v58fLjwBd0YI0EzrAcQqBGCzh/RStIoO8g0NfnfL2MTJRkxoX bfDaUeVPQuYEhg37NZWAJQ9VnMVDxP/VHL496M/QZxkjf5/Efucp2gaD X6RS6CXpoY68LsvPVjR0ZSwzz1apAzvN9dlzEheX7ICJBBtuA6G3LQpz W5hOA2hzCTMjJPJ8LbqF6dsV6DoBQzgul0sGIcGOYl7OyQdXfZ57relS Qageu+ipAdTTJ25AsRTAoub8ONGcLmqrAmRLKBP1dfwhYB4N7knNnulq QxA+Uk1ihz0= ";

root_trusted_key was generated as Calomel howto describes.

Now, when I try to start named with that config, I get a courious error message:

root at bsd59n:/var/named/etc# /usr/local/sbin/named -t /var/named -u _bind -U 4 -g
17-May-2016 21:53:14.644 starting BIND 9.10.3-P3 <id:bdaecad> -t /var/named -u _bind -U 4 -g
17-May-2016 21:53:14.644 built with '--enable-shared' '--enable-filter-aaaa' '--enable-threads' '--with-libt
ool' '--without-readline' '--with-python=/usr/local/bin/python2.7' '--prefix=/usr/local' '--sysconfdir=/etc'
 '--mandir=/usr/local/man' '--infodir=/usr/local/info' '--localstatedir=/var' '--disable-silent-rules' '--di
sable-gtk-doc' 'CC=cc' 'CFLAGS=-O2 -pipe'
17-May-2016 21:53:14.644 ----------------------------------------------------
17-May-2016 21:53:14.644 BIND 9 is maintained by Internet Systems Consortium,
17-May-2016 21:53:14.644 Inc. (ISC), a non-profit 501(c)(3) public-benefit
17-May-2016 21:53:14.644 corporation.  Support and training for BIND 9 are
17-May-2016 21:53:14.644 available at
17-May-2016 21:53:14.644 ----------------------------------------------------
17-May-2016 21:53:14.645 found 2 CPUs, using 2 worker threads
17-May-2016 21:53:14.645 using 2 UDP listeners per interface
17-May-2016 21:53:14.648 using up to 4096 sockets
17-May-2016 21:53:14.681 loading configuration from '/etc/named.conf'
17-May-2016 21:53:14.683 /etc/root_trusted_key:1: unknown option 'managed-keys'
17-May-2016 21:53:14.686 loading configuration: failure
17-May-2016 21:53:14.686 exiting (due to fatal error)

But named documentation and "man named.conf" both say that managed-keys were a valid option.

So what's wrong here? Thanks in advance for any help.

Thomas Hluchnik
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