R: Three RPZ zone definition

Job Job at colliniconsulting.it
Thu May 19 13:13:55 UTC 2016


i add that, if i have a pass-throu define in second zone (rpz-dyndns.lan), the third RPZ zone is NOT applied.
If i have no pass-through in the previous definition, it works!

Thank you,

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Oggetto: Three RPZ zone definition


within in a view i have added the third rpz zone (i take it separately), it is loaded but the RPZ policy does not act.
If i leave only two zones, it works perfectly.

Is there a limit of two zone consequentially?
How can i avoid it?

Here is my configuration:

response-policy { zone "rpz.lan"; zone "rpz-dyndns.lan"; zone "rpz-malware.lan"; };
        zone "rpz.lan" in {
        type master;
        file "/var/named/data/rpz.lan";
        zone "rpz-dyndns.lan" in {
        type master;
        file "/var/named/data/rpz-dyndns.lan";

        zone "rpz-malware.lan" in {
        type master;
        file "/var/named/data/rpz-malware.lan";

Thank you,
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