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Sat May 21 17:16:07 UTC 2016

>2016-05-20 23:09 GMT+02:00 Woodworth, John R <John.Woodworth at>:
>> The below referenced I-D for "BULK" records:
>>   * Provides "generics" which are automatically generated based on a set of rules.
>>   * The records have similar features as wildcards where they may be superimposed
>>     an appear only where more specific records do not already exist.
>>   * There are provisions for DNSSEC support of BULK generated records.
>>   * Can be done at any place in the DNS tree and overridden throughout the tree.
>>   * Can be easily AXFRed between servers.
>>   * Have immeasurably lower memory footprint compared with $GENERATEs (esp. IPv6).

On 21.05.16 03:10, MegaBrutal wrote:
>I wanted to comment earlier that I really like the idea of BULK
>records, and the invention of it seems logical. I think it fits well
>into the evolution of the DNS protocol, it seems to be an answer to a
>need not seen before. I hope it will be supported by BIND in the
>future. It would be really insane to generate & store PTR records the
>traditional way when we talk about typical sizes of IPv6 ranges.

what would you do if someone started using his home /64 network to ping your
servers? your DNS server would run out of memory very short time after.

>As for the usefulness of PTR records for dynamic pools, I think
>proper, forward-confirmed PTR records tell valuable information of the
>user of the network. While normally this information is available in
>WHOIS, it is not so easy and straightforward to retrieve, and it is
>not always accurate. More often than not, WHOIS records only lead back
>to the ISP when actually you want to know the user of the network. In
>case of small businesses and home users, WHOIS does not reflect the
>actual user of the IP range, while a reverse PTR could give a

I have no idea how will ordinary DNS in ipv6 look like, but I doubt it will
look like this...
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