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Sat May 21 17:26:51 UTC 2016

On 20.05.16 21:09, Woodworth, John R wrote:
>This is exactly what some colleagues and I are working to get a handle on.
>We see this as becoming a larger and larger issue especially as IPv6 adoption
>increases.  We have had several customers already request generics at /96 and
>larger blocks as they are accustom to doing with IPv4.  From a sheer marketing
>perspective $GENERATEs with PTRs "brand" the IPs to a network and a few other
>ISPs already have hacks in place to provide similar functionality so why drive
>away potential customers?  Just because something seems silly?  Why not go and
>give your money to the provider that doesn't think your business is silly.

$GENERATE is a master-only (and apparently even BIND-only) thing.
it is not something that is transferred to the slaves - it generates records
and those records are transferred to slaves.

$GENERATE for /64 network would create 2^64=18,446,744,073,709,551,616 records, 
needing ~30 bytes for each you would need about 590295810358705651712 bytes of RAM
which is 590 295 810 358 705 651 712 which it 590 exabyes. I doubt all
computers on the earth have this much of memory.

you would need to create whole new DNS protocol just to provide generic DNS
records for each leaf (home) network...

yes, we need something new for IPv6. But not for creating bulks of useless
generic records.
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