ThreatSTOP BIND DNS Firewall Available

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Thu Oct 6 21:18:37 UTC 2016

So an item of note that I noticed is that the "quick start" guide:

is more about getting the ThreatSTOP interface configured than an actual BIND DNS server.  It might be the day that I am having but it sure was a slog to read through it.  It also may be due to tunnel vision as the biggest question that I had was how does this service actually get enabled on BIND.  For anyone that is curious, the config of a BIND server can be found here:

Personally, I prefer to zone transfer a blacklist but that is just me due to extra chatter/leakage/yadda-yadda-yadda.  I also found it interesting that while the trial signup page is HTTPS, if you want to upload a logfile for analyzing, that URL is just HTTP:

I know that HTTPS is not the end all, be all but common guys you are a security company.  As the phrase goes, "perception is reality" and something about having good form .. 


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Hi All, just wanted to let you know that ThreatSTOP's DNS Firewall for BIND has just been released and evaluations are available at the below link, we would like to invite you to test it out.

DNS Firewall policies can be custom created, all driven from a live threat intel database pulled from over 50 sources as well as our own security research. 

Multiple responses can be configured within the policies and a high level of customization is available within reports and alerting. 

Fair warning I work at ThreatSTOP 

There is no cost or commitment to evaluate the solution, we welcome market feedback. 

matt at 

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