BIND9 DNSSEC algorithm rollover for inline-signed zone

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> Hello,
> is there a guide for an algorithm rollover with BIND9 for an
> inline-signed zone? I want to roll from RSA to ECDSA but I'm unable to
> find a good guide for it. I already looked at the ISC DNSSEC Guide but
> it doesn't seem to cover that the RRSIGs made by the new keys need to
> be published before the DNSKEYs themselves are published in the zone.

Because there is no such requirement.  Just create the keys in the
new algorithm and let named sign the zone.

The DNSSEC RFC's were written with rules for zone publishers and
rules for zone validators.  These were designed to around the fact
that the DNS is loosely coherent and that you can't update everything
simultaneously.  That means thay you can expect that you won't find
signatures for every alorithm in the DNSKEY RRset in the answers.

One DNSSEC vendor tried to check that there were signatures for
every algorithm in the DNSKEY RRset but was told they were wrong
to do so.  That was a rule for zone publishers not validators.  That
vendor has since fixed their code.

Named behaves as if it is a loosely coherent anycast cluster when
it is signing a zone for the first time with a given algorithm.
This means you will see answers without signatures for all of the
algorithms while it is is the process of signing the zone with a
algorithm for the first time.

Once named has completed signing the zone with the new algorithm
and all the slaves have the fully signed zone and the caches have
expired any RRsets which are only signed with the old algorithm you
can add DS records for the new algorithm for the zone.


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