Unspecified error DNS query

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Sat Oct 8 14:08:53 UTC 2016

On 07.10.16 15:01, Daniel Dawalibi wrote:
>We are getting "Unspecified error" when querying our DNS server (Query:
>outlook.live.com)  from  a PC communication with our DNS
>We tried to perform the same query from the DNS itself (local host) and we
>found that the Dig output is showing with the following message "Truncated,
>retrying in TCP mode".
>We also observed that the message size of the requested query
>"outlook.live.com" increased recently from MSG SIZE 221 to 770
>Can you please help why we are getting this error (client side) and why the
>TCP mode is shown in the dig output since other queries do not show TCP mode
>in their output?

responses that are over 512 bytes (maximum packet size without EDNS) must be
truncated in UDP mode and thus must be responded in TCP mode.

try running:

dig +bufsize=4096 outlook.live.com.

that shoud avoid  TCP...

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