DDNS Update Forwarding

Mark Mc Nicholas markmcn at section9.ie
Sat Oct 8 20:05:18 UTC 2016

Hi List,
I have a number of small sites which all vpn to a core site where the
authoritative dns servers live.
The sites all have their own DHCP server and slave dns servers. Currently
DDNS updates are sent from
the local dhcp servers to the central servers which is working fine.
However something occurred recently
where the VPN linking the site was down for a number of days. This ment the
DHCP server wasn't able to update
forward and reverse zones. Which means the updates removing stale records
never made it to the authoritative servers.
If I change the the DHCP servers to send DDNS updates to the local slaves
servers with allow-update-forwarding enabled, and the vpn drops again will
the will the slave servers queue the updates until the link to the masters
is reestablished?
Sorry for the long winded email and thanks for any input
Kind Regards

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