update failed: not authoritative for update zone (NOTAUTH)

Darcy Kevin (FCA) kevin.darcy at fcagroup.com
Thu Oct 13 20:09:42 UTC 2016

To be clear, the zone is defined in named.conf -- otherwise the original poster would have never said that "allow-update" was configured for the zone -- but there is something wrong with the configuration, or in the zone file itself, that is preventing it from being properly loaded and served.

You (original poster) should probably look at the logs from the last named startup to see if there were any problems parsing the config, or loading the zone file.

Another possibility, if you're running views, is that your dynamic update is matching the wrong view, in which the zone is defined differently, or possibly not at all.

										- Kevin

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> Hi,
> Greetings !!!
> I am getting the following error when we do updates to bind even we 
> have configured allow-update ANY, named folder is having all 
> permissions and also owner ship.
> updating zone 'xtldprimary.com/IN': update failed: not authoritative 
> for update zone (NOTAUTH)
> Kindly some one help me to resolve this issue.

Read the error message.  Named is not authorative (configured) for the the zone to be updated.

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> Ramesh
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