defines ip to acl

McDonald, Daniel (Dan) Dan.McDonald at
Mon Oct 17 19:08:49 UTC 2016

Acls don’t support ranges, only prefixes.  You don’t want the whole /24.  I think you want:

acl net1 {;;; }
acl net2 {; 192.168.104/29;;;; }

On 2016-10-17, 13:41, "bind-users on behalf of Pol Hallen" <bind-users-bounces at on behalf of bindml at> wrote:

    Hello all :-)
    I need to setup 2 kind of acl on same network, ie:
    ip from to belongs to acl1
    and ip from to to acl2
    acl net1 { };
    acl net1 { };
    what's the correct way? I didn't find nothing :-/
    thanks for help
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