defines ip to acl

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And don't forget the copious comments in named.conf, so that your successor can easily see, at a glance, what start/end addresses those clusters of ACL elements represent.

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Well, things are messy, because you haven't carved up your subnet on bit-boundaries. BIND ACLs are either individual IPs, CIDR blocks, negations, or some combination of these. It can be done: through = !;;;; through =;;;;;

I might have made an error in the above -- did I mention that this is very error-prone as well? :-)

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Subject: defines ip to acl

Hello all :-)

I need to setup 2 kind of acl on same network, ie:

ip from to belongs to acl1 and ip from to to acl2

acl net1 { };
acl net1 { };

what's the correct way? I didn't find nothing :-/

thanks for help

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