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Thu Oct 20 08:16:26 UTC 2016

On 19.10.16 21:27, Alex wrote:
>I have a bind-9.10.3 server on fedora22 that is authoritative for a
>few domains and their corresponding IP ranges. I'd like to set up
>another domain server (rbldnsd) on a host in one of those domains as a
>forward-only server.

>The problem appears to be that the queries from the local box to the
>subdomain being managed by the rbldnsd server are being answered by
>the local bind instead of being sent to the remote machine running

>In other words, I believe the issue is that the host is already
>authoritative for the reverse zone, so there would be no reason for it
>to forward these queries to another system.

Mark already took care of first part of your post.

>zone "96/" {
>        type slave;
>        file "slaves/db.104.104.66";
>        masters {; };
>        allow-query { any; };
>        allow-transfer { trusted; };

>I set up the reverse zone a long time ago, and I don't think the "zone
>96/" is completely correct, but it appears
>to work. I'm not sure if that's related to the problem, but would
>appreciate advice there.

The domain 96/ is completely correct, however the
DNS clients must know they have to search for this domain.

Thus, you must ask your ISP to delegate part of to your subdomain:

96/28	IN	NS
96	IN	CNAME	96/28
97	IN	CNAME	97/28
111	IN	CNAME	111/28

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