Bind 9.11 question (ACL ecs )

Mark Andrews marka at
Tue Oct 25 19:50:19 UTC 2016

	You use the "ecs" key word like this.

		acl example { ecs; };

		view ecs-net-10-only {
			match-clients { example; };

	Also using colour or fonts is not a good way to highlight
	what the issue is.  Not everyone reads email on a display
	which supports different colours or fonts.

	Also acls are *first* *match* so

		match-clients {
			 area02; ecs-area02;
			 !{!ecs-area02; any; };
			 key Area02.mydomain.idv.;


		match-clients { area02; ecs-area02; };

	are the *same* as all "ecs-area02;" addresses have already
	been matched by the time you get to looking at "!{!ecs-area02;
	any; };".

		!{!ecs-area01; any; }; is reject anything which
	isn't in ecs-area01.

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