Daisy chaining slaves

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Sun Dec 17 16:58:21 UTC 2017

Am 17.12.2017 um 17:40 schrieb vijay bommareddy:
> I generally do multiple slaves to a set of masters. But I'm just 
> wondering if daisy chaining slaves i.e slave to a slave to a slave to a 
> master, a good practice in general? What are the pros and cons of it?

surely, how else would you solve a slave which can't directly access the 
master which is not that uncommon

"how many number of slaves does BIND technically support?"

this question makes no sense - why should someone set a arbitary limit 
for that given that a slave is just another cient using a slightly 
different protocol

Am 17.12.2017 um 17:36 schrieb vijay bommareddy:
 > I'm trying to find more information on the practical limitations of
 > adding more slaves.
 > Can someone tell me, how many number of slaves does BIND technically
 > support? Is there a maximum limit per master server?

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