questions about rndc zonestatus

Tony Finch dot at
Tue Dec 19 12:22:39 UTC 2017

Klaus Darilion <klaus.mailinglists at> wrote:
> Unfortunately the slave-status is not dumped, e.g. if the zone is n
> sync, if SOA refresh-checks suceed, if XFRs succeed?

I agree this is could be improved.

> Further, I would like to know if there are existing tools to parse the
> output, or if it is possible to get the data in a more structured form.

Hmm, I thought that should be available via the statistics channel, but
sadly not.

> Further it would be great to get a dump of all zones (e.g. without
> specifying the zone), or at least to get a dump of the configured zone
> of Bind.

This I can help with :-) and coincidentally I was playing around with it
yesterday. Last year I wrote about getting a list of zones from BIND's
json statistics channel:

I find jq quite handy for wrangling json, but rather brain bending as a
programming language. The script I wrote in that articles was a bit
contorted. Yesterday I worked out a better version which is much more

$ curl -Ssf http://[::1]:8053/json |
  jq -S -r '.views |
            to_entries |
            map({ view: .key, zone: .value.zones[] }) |
            .[] |
            "\( \(.zone.class) \(.view) \(.zone.type)"'

There's also `named-checkconf -l` which lists the configured zones (and
was a feature submited by me!). It omits things like catalog zones and the
_bind view which are listed by the statistics channel, because it works on
the text of the configuration file. (I can't remember whether it includes
zones added by `rndc addzone` - I guess not.)

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