DDNS - limitation and excluding updates from certain networks

MAYER Hans Hans.Mayer at iiasa.ac.at
Wed Dec 20 13:27:17 UTC 2017

Dear Mukund, 

Many thanks for coming back. 

> You'll have to explain what you mean better for a more specific answer,
> but see the manual for the "allow-update" ACL config option

In my zone configuration I have an “allow-update” statement. 
Here I define all networks which are allowed to dynamically update the DNS entries. 

But my zone contains other IP addresses too. Not only those of the PCs.
These are static names/addresses which are seldom changed. 

And of course the complete zone is a dynamic zone. 

And I don’t wont that this static names can by changed by someone out of an IP range, where it is allowed.
I didn’t find any hint to block certain IP ranges to be updated within a dynamic zone. 

Hopefully this explains my question a little bit better.

// Hans

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