Zone give from one second to another error...

Michelle Konzack linux4michelle at
Sun Dec 24 03:59:57 UTC 2017

Good evening Grant,

On 2017-12-23 20:39:21 Grant Taylor via bind-users hacked into the keyboard:
> On 12/23/2017 08:22 PM, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> > So, whats going on here?
> I get timeouts while trying to talk to and
> returns a SERVFAIL when I query for the SOA of

<dns2> is offline since some years already.

<dns1> is the primary NS...

> I don't see listed in the ADDITIONAL SECTION when
> querying the the gtld root servers.  -  I'm guessing that
> doesn't have glue records.

...and <dns3> is hostet on <mail> and normaly used only local.

> > Any suggestions?
> Check and  I think they are
> the current primary source of your trouble.  After fixing that, check
> out's glue records.

The weird thing is, it was working for the last 10 years!

I know, it must be a problem with <dns1> bust I search noch sinde nearly
6 hours and do not find a singel indice what could happen.

And even more worse, because I am currently under Windows 7 because  the
screen of my Compaq Laptop (GNU/Linux) went off... have to accessall the
tools trough Putty and WindSCP, which is a real mess!  However, Linux is
simply working even without local screen!  ;-)

Hmmm, maybe I remove temporary all zones  except  <>  and
see, what happen.

Have a nice day.

Michelle Konzack        Miila ITSystems @ TDnet
GNU/Linux Developer     00372-54541400
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