Zone give from one second to another error...

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at
Sun Dec 24 12:25:26 UTC 2017

>> Nameserver records returned by the parent servers are:
>>   [''] (NO GLUE)   [TTL=86400]
>>   [''] (NO GLUE)   [TTL=86400]
>>   [''] (NO GLUE)   [TTL=86400]

On 24.12.17 07:57, Michelle Konzack wrote:
>...can you explain me the thing with the GLUE?
>I do not understand this.
>How to GLUE someting?

it just means that .info servers don't send A records for
domain, which is understandable - they aren't nameservers for .net.

>Note:  <dns2> will be removed soon, as I migrate my servers  to  Estonia
>       and will be reenabled as <> which is  much  shorter.
>       I have only to convince my Registrar, that I need more then three
>       DNS in the setup (this is currently a technical limitation @ISP).
>       Also 2 additional MX will be re-added...
>       Unfortunately I have not gotten bind9 running with PostgreSQL yet
>       which is realy annoying.

add the dns3 or fix dns2 ASAP - .net servers only provide one functional
nameserver and when it'd down, people won't see your domain.
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