Creating a blackhole zone...

Lee ler762 at
Sun Dec 24 20:25:13 UTC 2017

On 12/24/17, Reindl Harald <h.reindl at> wrote:
> Am 24.12.2017 um 20:59 schrieb Grant Taylor via bind-users:
>> On 12/24/2017 12:42 PM, Lee wrote:
>>> Is there a minimum version of bind one should be running before trying
>>> to use RPZ?
>>> in other words, v9.9.latest is OK or 9.10.latest or ???
>> I don't know when RPZ was introduced (I'd have to check release notes)
>> but I've been using it for years.  So I'd say give it a try and see if
>> your version balks or not.  ;-)
> type "Bind rpz" in Google and read the first hit
> Response Policy Zone (RPZ) is a BIND9.10+ feature - the basic capability
> was released with BIND9.8 but has gone through a number of iterations
> and upgrades. The BIND9.10 feature set is defined here (RPZ Format 3).
> Earlier specifications, and their BIND9 implementation, had somewhat
> fewer features that impaired their usefulness. The RPZ Format 3
> specification anticipates future changes but has, so far, enabled
> backward and forward compatibility.

Thank you
 - BIND 9.9 Extended Support Version will be supported until June, 2018
 - BIND 9.11 is an Extended support version, and will be supported
until December, 2021

So it looks like I'm upgrading to 9.11 before giving RPZ a try.


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