Bind DLZ and 64 bit environment

Job Job at
Wed Jan 4 08:45:00 UTC 2017

Dear guys,
I would like to ask you an help on this.
We are using since some years, with success, Bind DLZ (the first implementation of 2004 i think).

We use Postgresql 9.6.1 as backend server and still a 32bit system with CentOS 5.
Bind is compiled with enable threads; we put 64 as drivers number after postgres declaration.
Everything is perfect on a 32bit system.

Now we are migrating and testing the machine in a 64 bit environment, compiled with multithreads.
Same configuration but, under quite-heavy DNS traffic volumes, machine use all resource and DNS resolution become very slow, quite unusable.

In the same configuration, a 32bit version work fine.
The problem is when using Bind with 64 bit support.

It seems, under quite heavy load conditions, that Bind fill the “communication channel with Postgresql” and everything goes wrong.
With the 32 bit system, the same test benchmark is perfect, it use a bit of cpu and rams and resolutions are really fast.

Where am i wrong?

Thank you, very good wishes of a fantastic new year 2017!


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