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Tony Finch dot at dotat.at
Thu Jan 5 11:11:43 UTC 2017

Debarghya Mandal <debarghya.mandal at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1. Is there a way to load custom DNS record from zone file?


Handling of Unknown DNS Resource Record (RR) Types

It isn't very pretty, though :-)

> 2. Once bind loads that data, for certain zones, for A/AAAA/CNAME request
> types I want bind to call my custom code which knows how to process that
> custom record and return a valid A/AAAA/CNAME record.
> DynDB extension is the best way to add a plugin to bind or there is some
> other alternative?

Chuck Swiger outlined the right approach. You'll have an easier time of
things if you convert the data into DNS format before loading it into the
name server. Custom resource records are probably going to lead you in the
wrong direction.

If you really need to do something that BIND's standard facilities don't
do, you'll have to write a custom back-end, or use some other more
scriptable DNS software such as PowerDNS.

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