Need feedback on RPZ service setup

Lars Kulseng larskulseng at
Thu Jan 5 11:48:37 UTC 2017

I am setting up BIND to be used as a way to disseminate RPZ-zones for use
by third parties. I would like some feedback on my setup. Any pitfalls I
may encounter would be great to hear about.

The system will only serve up RPZ-zones to external parties that will
zone-transfer the RPZ-zone to use in their own DNS infrastructure, from now
on called Consumers.

To allow for some flexibility, the setup consists of three instances of BIND
 9.9.4 on three CentOS virtual machines. One master (M1) and two slaves
(S1, S2). M1 is the only machine that can receive zone updates, but will
send notify messages to S1 and S2 when the RPZ-zone changes. M1 will not
allow queries, and will only send notify or transfer messages to S1 and S2.
In turn, S1 and S2 must allow queries, since a zone transfer will include a
SOA-query, but will only send zone data to allowed Customer endpoints.

Access control is done by using TSIG-keys, with separate keys for: updates,
M1->S{1,2} transfers, and lastly there will be separate keys for each
Consumer of the RPZ-zone. The number of keys will then be 1 + 1 +
num_consumers. Each Consumer endpoint, where a transfer will take place,
will have to be defined by the server-clause in BIND, using the
keys-option, specifying an existing key.

Consumers will treat S1 and S2 as masters for the RPZ-zone, and can
allow-notify from S1 and S2 if they want instant updates. The zone will be
used as any other normal RPZ-zone in their BIND installation.

The RPZ-zone itself will never be queried, nor does it need resolving.
Since the name of the RPZ-zone is not important, and should in fact be
innocuous-sounding, the zone will be called something like
"_rainbow.orgname". This will ensure that there won't be any collisions
with other zones, and will not reveal that this is an RPZ-/blocking zone.

Any feedback on this proposed setup is welcome.

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